Video Projects

Communicate Your Brand Benefits

Video content is where it all started for us! With a love of telling stories, a generally nosey nature, and the ability to visualise the end result, we can help you communicate the story of what you do offline and in a way that is easy to understand and use in an online space.

We are always SO excited to tell the story of brands and people online.

Video packages are available for your website, emails and social feeds, for a chat about the type of content that will best support your business objectives, reach out to our team for a no obligation chat!

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1. Showcase your Brand

At the start of every video project is a planning session where we identify your business' objectives for the project. From there we develop a storyboard for your approval.

2. Lights, Camera, Action

We love to capture a series of locations that tell your brand story and edit them together to represent what you do, why you do it, and what the impact of that product or service is.

3. Your Video Content

We like to make sure the videos can be loaded to YouTube for inclusion in email campaigns and on your website, and also make sure the frame of the video can be used to upload seamlessly to social media in portrait style.

4. Follow Up

The raw footage and B Roll from your video shoot are made available to you following editing so you can use the content to add more stories and reels to your social pages.

Why Video?

Videos provide 40% higher engagement than images. This applies to organic social content, paid social content, as well as time on site data.

Video assets last a long time and provide a concise look at who you are, why you do what you do, and the benefits of your product or services.

Videos help potential clients or customers to understand your business better and connect to your brand.

Videos are a beautiful representation of what you do and can be used to market your brand for increased awareness, or as a lovely way to record this stage of your business cycle.

Tell your story with a 90 second video // BLACK FRIDAY OFFER: $200 + GST

The Production Team

Rosie Graystone

Rosie LOVES to understand your WHY so she can translate that information into a compelling brand story. She is focused on delivering video products that meet the objectives and budget of our clients, and crafting messages that convert to sales, bookings or leads.

Chantal Duxfield

Chantal uses the incredible experience gained through working at SKY TV to plan, create, and edit powerful pieces of video content for our clients. She is passionate about story telling and understands how to capture the attention of your target market!

Kylie Jenkins

If you don't want to jump on camera, Kylie is happy to help you tell your story. Kylie works alongside our clients to represent their brands. She understands the challenges some people have with getting on camera and is happy to work with you, or do it for you!

Kate Hines

Kate brings a wealth of creative skills and an eye for the small details to our team. She will capture your story and help you feel at ease in front of the camera.

Lauren Prebble

Compelling interviews and soundbites are essential for making sure your brand story represents what you do in the most impactful way. Driving the development of QTV (formally known as LWBTV) Lauren has experience interviewing, presenting, filming, and producing epic videos.

Isaac Norton

Isaac is relaxed, but particular! His intention is to approach every shoot with ease and in a stress free manner, to give a natural, organic result with freedom to be explored and developed throughout the storyline.

Reel Content

Reels are powerful.

Unlike posts and stories, people who do not follow your page will be shown your Reels without having to go and look for them. This gives you an opportunity to get in front of more new eyes. Using Hashtags you can carefully target your ideal audience and use Reel content to connect with more potential customers, and remind people of your key messages.