Video Project Package

If you only had moments to capture your audience, what would you do?

Our Love for Video

Video content is where it all started for us! With a love of telling stories, a generally nosey nature, and the ability to visualise the end result, we can help you communicate the story of what you do offline and in a way that is easy to understand and use in an online space.

Videos provide 40% higher engagement than images. This applies to organic social content, paid social content, as well as time on site data.

Video assets last a long time and provide a concise look at who you are, why you do what you do, and the benefits of your product or services.

Videos help potential clients or customers to understand your business better and connect to your brand.

Videos are a beautiful representation of what you do and can be used to market your brand for increased awareness, or as a lovely way to record this stage of your business cycle.

Sarah Dickie Coaching - A Case Study

Sarah Wanted

A short video to teach people what she does, and what packages she has available.

Sarah Needed

A beautifully crafted video to showcase her unique coaching style and offerings, to draw in a larger audience of potential new clients. To show people who Sarah is, what she does, and how her coaching will really benefit you with strong, sustainable, personal growth.

So, Sarah Got

This amazing 90 second video, that really speaks to the calm and clarity of her business. It not only shows her potential clients who Sarah is and what she has to offer, but also gives them the feeling of what it is like to work with Sarah. It takes you on a journey to ask yourself all the hard questions, and teaches you how Sarah's coaching can help unlock your full potential.

Christinz Clothing - A Case Study

Christine Wanted

An upbeat video to let her customers know that she is now working from her home workshop.

Christine Needed

A beautifully crafted video to introduce herself and her story. To showcase her unique designs and fabric choices and a bit of a look behind the scenes.

So, Christine Got

Her 90 second video that is as vibrant and upbeat as she is, which really speaks to her personality and character. This is a great way to introduce new customers to all things Christine, and tells her whole sewing journey, from beginning to now. Christine showcases how much she adores the Central Otago region she calls her home, and this shines through in her adventurous spirit. The video takes a deep dive into her business' history and direction, and highlights her creative process to creating her beautiful, sustainable garments.

Amy Fitness & Nutrition - A Case Study

Amy Wanted

A video detailing her top fitness and nutrition packages to entice new clients.

Amy Needed

A beautifully crafted video to introduce herself and her services to a new potential audience, that showcases some glowing client reviews about how Amy has improved their lives.

So, Amy Got

Her short video features some of her favourite nutritional meal options and her most raving reviews. It highlights her passion for all things nutrition and that the results of her programmes are shown not just by the numbers on a scale, but by the overall wellness of the person. Amy's unique approach to nutrition and fitness focuses on the needs of each individual and addresses common misconceptions. This really drives home Amy's understanding of the body and her knowledge of the foundations that she guides each client on.

Harrold Building - A Case Study

Michael Wanted

A short video to showcase the team's dedication to their craft.

Michael Needed

A beautifully crafted video that highlights the benefits of the small, local, close-knit team.

So, Michael Got

This awesome 90 second video demonstrates the capabilities of the Harrold Building team, and the extent of their skills and knowledge to help you design and build your dream home. Michael is with you from the start of the project, all the way through to the finish, so you can rest assured that your building project is in the good hands. Harrold Building is all about cutting out the middle-man - there is no franchise, just a dedicated team of loyal individuals who are with you for your entire build.

The Breath Effect - A Case Study

Emma Wanted

A short video to showcase what she has on offer.

Emma Needed

A beautifully crafted video to introduce herself, her story, and her packages to new potential clients.

So, Emma Got

This amazing short video showcases Emma's passion and drive for what she has on offer. The audience gets a look into Emma's own experiences to grasp an understanding of the mountain of knowledge that Emma can bestow on them through her coaching sessions. It introduces new clients to her different bespoke packages, and to her own podcast. Her video invites the audience to ask questions about their own life so they can understand exactly how Emma can help them.

Sa Lou Design - A Case Study

Sarah Wanted

An informative video to use on social media to tell people what she has to offer.

Sarah Needed

A beautifully crafted short form video that showcases who Sarah is, what she does, and why she does it. Showing off some of her previous work to entice new clients to work with her.

So, Sarah Got

Her 90 second video shows Sarah's artistic process, from concept through to the finished product. The audience gets a peak into the thinking behind all her decisions, from colour and material choices to considering textures and lighting. Sarah is passionate about creating bright, beautiful, personal spaces that speak to the homeowner's inner-self. She loves to bring a sense of the outdoors into the spaces she crafts to pay homage to the environment the building is settled in. In this video, potential clients learn what it is like to work alongside Sarah to define the spaces they want to live in.

Burn Cottage Retreat - A Case Study

Gill Wanted

A short introductory video for her website to show how her guests are spoilt for the duration of their stay.

Gill Needed

A short introductory video for her website to show how her guests are spoilt for the duration of their stay.

So, Gill Got

This short video shows the peaceful environment where the cottages are nestled in the pristine Central Otago landscape. Introducing Gill and Noel as your hosts that go above and beyond to welcome you to these beautiful cottages, with freshly baked goods that you'd get at no other stay. It highlights the lusciously tranquil gardens that are unheard of in the usual Central Otago region. Let Gill guide your stay in this amazing part of our country, away from all the hustle and bustle of Queenstown and Wānaka.

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