Automating Wine Club Management: How We Helped Valli Wines Streamline Their Membership Process

Managing a wine club can be a daunting task, especially when it involves a complex currency conversion for international customers, and a tiered membership structure with varying discounts and sign-up dates. Valli Wines approached us to help them automate their wine club management and reduce the time spent on manual processing. Here's a breakdown of how we did it.

Identifying the Current Members and Order Data Structure

The first step was to identify the current members and understand how their orders and data were structured. We analysed Valli Wines' existing membership database and discovered how the data was organised. The recurring structure of deliveries added another layer of complexity to the process, making it crucial to find a solution that could manage recurring orders effectively.

Mapping Out the Solution for Each Stage and Discount Tier of the Members

Once we identified the current data structure, the next step was to map out the solution for each stage and discount tier of the members. We worked closely with Valli Wines to understand their membership structure and how they wanted to offer discounts to their members.

We developed a detailed plan that outlined the process for all members; the members who signed up earlier would receive a different discount compared to those who signed up later. We also added a build your own case function to allow members to create bespoke deliveries.

Testing Apps to Identify the Best Solution

With the plan in place, the next step was to identify the best app to manage Valli Wines' membership process. We tested several wine club automation apps to find the one that met all of their requirements.

During the testing process, we focused on apps that offered features such as recurring orders, automatic billing, discount management, and customisable delivery options. We also considered user-friendliness, responsiveness of the support team, integration capabilities, and cost-effectiveness. The responsiveness of the Appstle support team was unmatched!! 

Recommending and Implementing the Most Desirable App for the Process: Appstle

After testing several apps, we recommended Appstle, a wine club automation system that offers a comprehensive set of features to manage Valli Wines' complex membership structure effectively. Appstle allowed us to set up recurring orders, track shipments, manage discounts, and automate the billing process. It also provided an easy-to-use interface for both Valli Wines and their members.

We implemented the Appstle system, which included migrating the existing data to the new platform, configuring the discount tiers, and setting up the build your own case function. The new system is up and running in no time, allowing Valli Wines to streamline their wine club management process and focus on other important aspects of their business.

Automating wine club management is essential for wineries looking to streamline their processes and provide an exceptional customer experience. If you would like to know more about wine club automation, head over and sign yourself up to become a Valli Wine Loyalty member and see for yourself how the system works.... or you could get in touch for a chat with us 


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