Tease, release, follow up... set yourself up for sales success!

Our video sales project that we ran for Black Friday sold out in 24 hours and here is how we did it...

3 Days before the release of the Black Friday video deal we started teasing something special coming.

  • We teased that there was a Black Friday offer coming. We dropped the price point, AND the benefits of the 'product' available through the offer. By dropping the price point in relation to the benefits, you immediately spike the interest of people in a position to invest that much in the idea of a marketing asset or marketing activity that will help in 2024. We also highlighted how much we love this product, and how much we enjoy delivering this product to our customers and clients.
  • We used a Reel to drop this tease.
  • In our stories, we added 2 x video edits we have produced in the past. These were examples of the type of product that was about to be available through our Black Friday offer. We did not have calls to action, this was purely to make people start thinking about their own video assets and remind potential customers how much we enjoy this area of work. 


2 Days before, I posted a reel of a video edit we had made for a client (examples of the product coming out thick and fast now). 

  • The text that accompanied this post highlighted the message of how much we love telling stories though video.
  • We also shared 2 more stories of videos we have made for clients. Stories are good for reinforcing examples, and they disappear after 24 hours which can be handy! 
  • I also jumped on stories to talk directly about how excited we are about Black Friday and the opportunity to focus on our zone of genius. This reminded people that videos are an area we specialise in. 


1 Day before, I relaxed the messaging on the feed in relation to our Black Friday offer dropping soon and created a planning reel which reminded people of the importance of a) working on their business, and b) getting excited about the opportunities 2024 has in store.

  • This messaging makes people think about next year, what they want to achieve, and the steps (and marketing) they might need to smash their goals.
  • In stories, I spoke to my audience about how excited I was to drop the Black Friday offer and why I can justify such an incredible deal (because people are wary of too good to be true). I reminded our audience that the reason the deal (which is dropping tomorrow) is available, is to help train our team (setting expectations), and because we are up to date with all our content planning and want to spend December doing what we love most. 
  • I emailed all our current clients and recent enquiries to offer them a 24 hour advance offer of the deal. This email was from my inbox, rather than using a mail system, the reason for this is I wanted each email to include components that were specific to the contact. We sold 80% of our Black Friday video packages before they were available to the general public. 


Release Day was a breeze! 

  • I posted a story (at 6.30am) talking to our audience and telling people how excited (and why) we are about spending December videoing clients. I reminded people it was to help us have fun, and that we were excited to provide these as gifts. This message shows how much we care about these videos and how genuinely excited we are to be able to offer this deal. 
  • We dropped an early morning reel (7am) that featured motivational audio which alluded to our talent in this area, our desire to help people using that talent, and showcased a selection of video content we have captured for the Agency and for our clients. The video content was clipped from a longer video edit we made to promote the full release of our Black Friday video offer. In the reel text, we told people why video was important, and gave them stats and facts about the power of video as a marketing asset. This reel was shared to stories with a link to our video package website landing page, we sold another 2 between dropping the reel at 7am and officially releasing the full deal. 
  • Five hours later, we dropped the full video reel and announced our Black Friday deal to the general public. The video included the footage which was used in the earlier reel and gave an example of the applications of the video (which we were also promoting in our email campaigns and reel text).
  • At the same time, we sent an email to our full database promoting the offer. 
  • I phoned a couple of people who I wanted to film and also jumped on stories throughout the afternoon to update the availability of spaces for the package. 
  • We sold the remaining 20% in a few hours. Then I jumped back on stories to say thank you and let people know we were sold out. We also put up a question box so we could collect lead details of people we know are also interested in this product. 

This deal is priced exceptionally well, but it is covering costs. By providing a mutually beneficial opportunity to the market, and positioning our content to tease, release and follow up the promotion (availability reminders), we were able to reinforce the key messages of our product and sell our available spaces quickly and with very little nurturing to make a sale. 

Tease, release, follow up... 

Stories, reels, key messages... 

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