Maximise Your Story Content

If you have been following along, you will have heard me mention stories a few (hundred) times. We recommend all our clients use Instagram (and Facebook) stories! 

Social stories are a powerful way of introducing people to your business, and the impact you have on your clients and customers. 

We use stories to help show behind the scenes information, clients reviews, and to promote MyAgency key messages. We also pop links in those stories so users can easily navigate to our website. Stories stay up for 24 hours, so they are a great way to test your confidence and start feeling a little more comfortable in front of the camera. 

A good way to maximise the value of your stories is to use your highlights function to categorise your story content and save it to your profile. It helps people understand who you are and gives new users the option to flick back through your story content and get an idea of what you do, what your customers say about your, and what the impact is. 

Save Your Story to Highlights:

Step #1 - Choose the story you want to select, hit the highlight button, if you cannot see it on your story screen, hit the little dots to bring up the menu and Highlights will be on that list. 

Step #2 - Choose the highlight you want to add it to or create a new one. By default, the highlight cover image will revert to a shot from your story video, but you can easily customise this (see below).

Step #3 - Once you know which highlight you want to add your story to just hit the highlight name and it will pop up to say it has been added. 


Customise Your Highlights Images

To customise your cover images for your highlights reel, click on the highlight and go in and edit it. From there, you can upload or select the best image to use. Remember to hit save! 

This information is taken from our Revenue Rocket Pack, where we explain step by step how to use your social media stories to maximise your brand awareness and sales opportunities.

If you would like some help to understand this better, get in touch with our team, or get yourself a copy of our Revenue Rocket Pack and take a look inside your highly valuable (but free) data!