How to send highly engaged traffic to your website for FREE?

If you have a website that sells products or generates leads then this is a tip that will not only send traffic, but help increase your bottom line. 

A consistent approach to posting is best and it's even better if you can tell real life stories throughout the process. Help people understand your business better and take a peek behind the curtain at the level of care, dedication, and expertise you have. 

Post stories, with links, regularly (daily): This means that you use your story function the same way grandma and grandad ran the store front, you chat to people! About your product, your people, your processes, and any special pricing you have on offer. Not everything is a sales grab, so behind the scenes information and lifestyle content is also great. We recommend including at least 1 story per day that has a website link continued within the post. 

Some of your most engaged followers are already on your social media accounts, by connecting to them through stories and ensuring they completely understand how to become a customer or a lead is an important step in your marketing activities. It will also increase your website traffic and provided your website foes what its supposed to, it will increase your sales. 

Add a clear call-to-actions (CTAs): Make sure your CTAs are prominent and guide visitors on exactly what to do next on your website. Big buttons, bright colours, and next steps that are easy to action work well. On your social media posts, make sure you let people know how to find your business or products online. 

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