Believe you can do it, and fill your body with the feeling of what it will be like when you get there ❤️

Making changes in these areas of my life has impacted my business! Here are a few suggestions for how you can apply it to your own pursuit of your business goals and personal dreams!

When I made these changes, my business grew substantially, my goal of building our dream home without borrowing much money became my reality, and my approach to how I want to show up for my business and my family completely shifted. 

1. Boundaries 🛑

You know this one... but do you implement them?

Boundary setting is really tough for some people, and I was definitely one of them. I've learned tools for how to level the exchange of energy and listen to my spidey senses when Im getting a NO vibe. 

For most of my life I liked the idea of pushing boundaries, without any real regard for the boundaries which helped me keep a healthy and happy approach to life and work. Now, I know when I need to rest, and I dont wait to make changes that help make life more fun. I can say NO to things and know that how that NO is perceived is not up to me, and nor is it my business. 

2. Space for self care and down time 💅

Someone smart once explained the balance of feminine and masculine energy to me. Masculine energy is characterised by DOING and achieving. The feminine is more intuitive, oriented towards receiving and allowing, and characterised by BEING. Even though I'm a woman, I am masculine in my approach to most things! Firm in my beliefs, fixed in my ways, relentless... I've had to learn how to balance that out with the ability to go with the flow (hello motherhood) and lean in to my current state of being.

To do this, for me making more time for self care has been helpful. Self care can mean taking myself out for lunch, an extra long bath, evenly sharing the responsibilities of being a parent, it can come in many shapes and forms. Having appointments to get my hair and nails done is just one way I can support this side of my energy and even though I am often wriggling in the chair by the end, when you make time for yourself, and look after your body, you do feel better. 

3. The ability to listen to your intuition 🧠

This is connected to the above. Slowing down, being more present, having more time to reflect and be grateful, connects you with your intuition. I know nothing about teaching this but it's the most powerful tool in the toolbox and if you can make it a priority for 2024 it will overhaul your life, quickly! 


4. A willingness to show up in a consistent way for your business, customers, and team🏃‍♂️

I used to say yes to everything to do with marketing, if I didn't know exactly how to do it I would work around the clock to find solutions and made it my personal mission to guarantee success for my clients.

What that doesn't take into consideration however is how the clients work, how they show up for their own business, for themselves, and their willingness to relentlessly pursue their own success...  So in response, we changed what we said yes to (thanks boundaries) and we developed the Training Programme so we could encourage more people to take the steps they need to achieve success. We decided to empower clients to understand how to have a real impact on their marketing all by themselves.

We launched the Revenue Rocket Pack so people could take the material away and we can support them as needed. We used to charge clients $13,000 a month to market their businesses and expectations of our time and availability were limitless, phone calls at 11pm were a real thing. Now we work with clients for one tenth of that and they are consistently blown away with the level of support, value, and results they get. It also means the pressure on every person on our team has changed. Clients feel like they are receiving services well beyond their investment, and it means the outpouring of amazing feedback is constant and we have way more fun doing it! 

5. A coach (especially if the above needs work) 👩🏻

You need and deserve to have someone in your corner as your cheerleader.

A good coach will remind you of your own power, while calling you out on your perception of situations to unblock any mindset issues that challenge you. If reminding yourself you can achieve anything you put your mind to feels forced or fake, invest in a coach and watch your ability to process struggles speed up, your focus on fun increase, and your belief in your own value triple. 

We can help with the Marketing... 

For suggestions on help with the list above here are some links for you to look into! 

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