Dreaming, Building, and Believing

The journey to our dream home has been the biggest lesson of my life. 

I dont keep it a secret that forcing a whole lot of aggressive business changes resulted in me connecting with people who changed my world and showed a belief in me that continues to blow my mind. I also dont make a secret of the fact I dont want my children to believe the only way to home ownership is borrowing 80% and being chained to a bank for the foreseeable - I know that sounds arrogant because for a lot of people it's reality but pushing the boundaries of business, scaling your sales, knowing your worth, and setting firm goals will change your business, your life, and your attitude towards money. 

We purchased land in 2019 and didn't have much money at all. We had renovated a ministry house in Cromwell and sold it to fund the deposit on the section but still had a large mortgage and building seemed like a long way away. We didn't know how we would do it, but when we made the decision to go ahead and get plans drawn up, we knew we just had to stay focused on the end goal. 

I sold MyTreat which helped reduce the mortgage on the land and we assumed we would need to borrow to build. When interest rates were 2% it was exciting, but with my husband and I both being self employed and me having recently sold my business that secured my main income, the bank looked at us sideways. Also the fact my husband was planning to take the year off to build it meant they were just not willing to share our vision. It was shortly after this point in my life I invested in a Coach and over the following 6 months completely changed my life and opened my mind. In October I had no idea how we were going to do it, and in February I had $600,000 and a whole new perspective on business. 

At the start of our house build project we thought we would be completely mortgage free. We needed $550,000 for the build (back in 2021 when we got it QS'd). The cost ended up being a lot higher so we did end up with a small mortgage but the experience of buying the land, and not having a real plan but just choosing to believe we would get there was powerful. We stood on the building platform (for years) and visualised living there and filled our bodies with the feeling of how incredible it will be to build our home. 

Graystone House NZ

Now when I wake up, if I have any self doubt, I look around my home and remind myself I can do anything. It's like living inside the proof of the power of visualisation and resilience. I am a part owner of the Agency now (rather than 100% ownership), and I have incredible business partners and mentors that are on this journey with me.

When I launched the Revenue Rocket Pack, I realised that it could double the agency income while not taking up much of our time at all. Creating more space for creativity is a wild dream, and as we enter our second month of selling the Revenue Rocket Pack it is another reminder to have goals, make a plan, and believe you can do it! We've exceeded our sales expectations and because I believe in the product, I can communicate the value and benefits with ease. What this means for our existing clients is that we can have more time to work on producing the absolute best quality work, more time for creativity, and more time to go the extra mile (inside working hours of course). We've stopped swapping time for money with most our our ongoing clients and instead we measure the Agency success by the collective growth of our clients and how they feel about their own ability to make an impact on their marketing. 

Launching a digital product was scary, and nerve wracking, but once you start banking your business wins, you can use them to remind yourself of your own ability. Building this house has been the greatest challenge but waking up every day feeling immense gratitude and knowing that I can do whatever I put my mind to is a powerful tool. 

So... why does this matter, or make me a good marketer? Because it makes me an expert in helping you believe in your own abilities, and that will help you connect to more clients and customers who align with your brand and products (or services). We make it our mission to show people how incredible they are through their content, and if that rubs off in a way that delivers confidence and self belief to even just one person, then I am grateful for this experience and feel lucky to call this my job! 

Go make a list of your goals, you dont have to know how you're going to get there,  but writing them down is a great start! 

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