How to use Google Analytics

Reporting using Google Analytics!! 

This is a really easy way to identify the places you are losing people off your website!

I can go on for HOURS about the benefits of Google Analytics, but instead I will just give you some tips on how to run a test yourself!

This test will help you gauge the experience users are having when they arrive at your site!

Install Google Analytics for FREE here. 

1) Pop your website link in your stories more often, tell people to head over to your website via your social posts (say it so many times you feel silly), and in your emails. The objective of this part of the test is to drive as much traffic possible! You can do it over a week, but for a more consistent average time we recommend running the test for a full month!

2) Using Google Analytics, navigate to Reports > Generate Leads on the left hand panel. From there you can view the user acquisition, which is the source of all your traffic, and it will also give you a total number of new users and how they found your website.

3) Then you want to click on Landing Pages on the left hand panel, this will give you the total sessions across all your pages and this is where the fun stuff starts!! 

Measuring The Data 
What is the total session number?
What is the session number when you type in /products in your filter?


What is the total number when you type in cart?

And finally what is the total when you add in Thank You, or whatever URL trigger you have set as your final lead completion, or sale completion page. 

When you have the number of people making it to each stage of your website, you can divide the users taking an action by the total users visiting to give you some conversion rates! 

  1. Divide the number of people looking at your products by the total users on the site.
  2. Divide the number of people adding to cart by the total number viewing your products. 
  3. Divide the total sales by the number of people adding to cart.
  4. You can also divide the total sales checked out by the total visitors the. total product views. 


Industry Standard: 
You need to be able to encourage at least 20% of your visitors to view your products to be a shoe in for converting to a sale. This number can often be a lot higher, particularly for fashion products where people peruse the store the same way they would the shopping isles!

From the product views you would expect around 30% to add to cart and consider a purchase.

The conversion from cart to sale should be around 50% however some industries do experience users building a shopping trolley / wish list and that can impact the conversion. 

Working backwards from the numbers:
If you know you convert 10% of your add to cart customers to successful purchases and you want to make 100 sales per month then you need to send 1000 people to your cart. If your website causes 20% of people from on a product page to add to cart then you know you need to send 5000 people to the product pages and if 50% of your total visitors end up on a product page you know you need to find 10,000 users per month to visit your website. 

4) If you feel like your conversion rates are letting you down, take a Birds Eye view of your website and start making a hit list of things to add or remove.

Things like:
✅ Product / service descriptions.
✅Adding fresh reviews and testimonials.
✅Buttons so people can easily see the next steps.
✅ Make sure your ‘About’ page reflects your social media presence and let’s people peek behind the curtain to understand your story.
✅A main navigation that helps people easily find information about your brand and purchase products or become a lead.

We suggest making minor changes each time you edit your site (i.e. don’t do it all at once). This may seem frustratingly slow, but it helps you monitor the impact of each change you make.

If this is all overwhelming for you, fear not, as we'd love to have a strategy session with you to talk about recommendations, your current digital presence and how to implement changes to increase your sales!

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