Developing our training programme to meet demand!

Our Journey in Delivering Effective Marketing Training at MyAgency 

Staying ahead of the curve is not just a goal; it's a necessity. We've always been committed to helping our clients succeed in the ever-evolving online landscape. Over the past five months, we embarked on a journey to refine our training program and deliver results that transform our clients' digital sales.

The Beginning: Launching the Training Program

Five months ago, we were excited to introduce our new training program designed to guide our clients in boosting their social media presence, increasing organic traffic, and enhancing website conversion rates. The initial concept was straightforward: empower clients with the knowledge and tools to achieve these goals. However, we soon realised that while the theory was important, clients craved something more tangible, and it wasn’t just how to create a content plan from scratch.

Lesson 1: The Need for Real-Life Examples

Our first significant lesson was when we identified a trend of ‘extras’ that clients were all asking for, realising that the implementation support, particularly in the early stages of the training programme, was really important for delivering results.

Clients were asking to see real-life examples of how to implement the strategies we discussed. It wasn't enough to explain the theory; they wanted us to demonstrate how to put it into practice. Being able to motivate clients by proving the theories they learn work, is a powerful tool too.

Revamping the Training Program

In response to this, we redeveloped our training program to include three months of hands-on, example-based training.

It was time for us to "do the doing" for our clients, while they worked alongside us to understand the processes. This shift allows us to provide a level of responsiveness to each client and speeds up our success with driving both traffic and sales.

Lesson 2: Comprehensive Reporting Matters

Reporting (a lot of reporting) allows us to look at your business and sales revenue as a whole and provides us with data that forms the roadmap of improvements needed to drive sales and enhance conversion rates.

Lesson 3: The Importance of Custom Solutions

One of the most significant hurdles we faced was that some clients needed one-time website edits to optimise their conversion rates. A well-structured website is often the linchpin for turning increased traffic into conversions that justified and amplified their marketing efforts.

This led us to adopt a "done for you" approach for clients. By providing one-off website edits as part of our training program, we ensured that clients had the solid foundation necessary to boost their conversions effectively.

The Results: A Holistic and Effective Training Program

The journey over the past five months has been transformative for us and, more importantly, for our clients. Our new training program not only imparts knowledge but also demonstrates the practical application of strategies. Clients are supported by real-life examples, comprehensive reporting, and the flexibility to address unique challenges in their journey toward digital success.

We've listened to our clients, learned valuable lessons, and made essential changes. Today, our training program is a "done for you" system that delivers tangible results, backed by real-life examples and comprehensive reporting. It's a reliable path to increasing website conversions, boosting organic traffic, and getting your social feeds pumping.