Content & Campaign Planning

Define Your Key Messages.

Outline the key messages that align with your brand and product; this is the WHAT AM I REALLY SELLING question!

Your product might be a luxury item, but what you are selling is exclusivity, high quality, an aspirational lifestyle etc. If you are selling plus size clothing, you're really selling confidence and a feeling, if you're selling wine, you're selling celebrations, socialising, and memories with friends and family etc. 


- What do people say about your brand or product? Reinforce the trust and credibility in your brand with customer reviews and help potential customers understand what to expect from your business. 

- What goes on behind the scenes to get your product to market? Show the level of dedication and expertise behind your brand. Become the authority on the subject and provide value to your followers (not just money grab sales tactics). 

- What problem do you or your product solve? 

- FAQs - what do people regularly ask about your brand or product? 

- How did it start / why does that benefit customers? (Commitment to.... doing it differently, creating something brand new on the market, being more sustainable, being more affordable, being more accessible etc) 

Download this guide to get started on your Key Messages 

Design Your Campaign & Plan Your Content 
- Review the search term analysis and use this data to help guide the product posts and social topics. Make a list of FAQs that people are Googling! 

- Review the questions and comments on social media from the last 12 months to identify opportunities to increase the general product awareness.

- Survey past customers to generate reviews to use in the campaign. 

- Get creative.... plan out a cycle of communication that introduces your potential customers to who you are, what you do and why your product or service is special. 

- Create a daily plan that covers social posts, reels, stories, blog, and email. Use our October Content Planning Template Here To Get Started! 

If you dont know where to get started, we can help you! Take a look at our strategy session pricing options below and get in touch to arrange a time to chat! 

Strategy Session Option #1
We can plan a 1 hour session with you where we download as much as we can about the challenges you have and then provide you with the recommendations on what to focus on for achieving immediate changes. The cost for this is $197 + GST and includes the strategy session. During the session we develop a list of recommendations which are provided to you within a day of the meeting so you can work on implementing everything you have time for.

Strategy Session Option #2
The more comprehensive version is the same as above, but we also review your website, Google Analytics, and social media so we can also advise you on recommendations based on the data around how people use your website and how people engage - this is particularly handy if you are trying to increase online sales and conversions to customers. You also get a report that essentially outlines our findings in Google and the specific list of recommended activities, guides on how to do them, a reporting template, and guidelines on how to structure your strategy for reaching sales objectives. The cost for this is $547+ GST.

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