Changing from UA to GA4: Google Analytics

As you have probably been told (because they have emailed everyone at least 15 times), Google is changing the way that it reports on the traffic visiting your website very soon.

To complete the setup, and ensure that all of your past data is maintained you will need to follow the prompts within your google analytics and Shopify site. It is super easy, it will take you up to an hour, and it is highly recommended to complete this before the end of June.

It's not absolutely essential to switch to GA4, as the old Universal Analytics (UA) however, there are several benefits to upgrading to GA4, including:

  1. Enhanced cross-device tracking: GA4 allows you to track user behaviour across multiple devices, giving you a more complete picture of how customers interact with your website.

  2. Better data modelling: GA4 uses machine learning to help you better understand user behaviour and identify trends in your data.

  3. Improved event tracking: GA4 has more robust event tracking capabilities, allowing you to track more specific user interactions on your website.

  4. Future-proofing: As Google continues to roll out new features and updates to their analytics platform, GA4 is likely to be the focus of much of this development, so upgrading now will help ensure that you're keeping up with the latest trends and technologies.

While it's not strictly necessary to switch to GA4, there are many benefits to doing so. We have created a step by step guide for making the switch for businesses with a Shopify Website - get yours here. 

Or if technology is not your jam but you like the idea of keeping track of your data, we can do all the work for you - find out more here or give us a call on 021 041 5068.