Revenue Rocket Pack

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Taking your marketing at your own pace is a good way to see the returns on your time without having any extra overheads. It also helps you boost revenue so you can justify further investment in your marketing when time and budget allows. We work with a lot of start ups and businesses in a growth stage and we recognise the power in partnering with them to get them to a level that substantiates our services and advice. 

The Revenue Rocket Pack has been designed for people who want to use social media and the other free tools available to them to increase activity on their website, and raise their brand profile.  (There is an extra $30 charge if you want a physical copy printed and delivered)

We have used the framework within the pack to deliver our training programme since we launched it. We know what people can and cannot do themselves without full support. The pack includes step by step instructions for those sales based activities we are confident people can do themselves, and also a lot of how to guides and resources so you can implement our recommendations successfully and measure the success. Our team are available to talk you through the instructions and troubleshoot any issues you have during business hours. 

If you would like more information about how this can help change the way you think about marketing your business feel free to reach out for a chat! 
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